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New to CrossFit? We’re here to make your experience
the best no matter your fitness level. Here’s everything you need to know to participate in CrossFit Bel-Red, but if we’ve missed your question, our coaches are always happy to assist.

Do I have to be a PRO Club member to train at CrossFit Bel-Red?

CrossFit Bel-Red is open to everyone. We have several membership options. However, PRO Club members receive a 20% discount.

What makes CrossFit Bel-Red unique?

The moment you walk in the door, you’ll notice a few qualities that make CrossFit Bel-Red unique. The facility is clean, organized, filled with top notch equipment and staffed with highly experienced, certified, humble and friendly coaches eager to welcome you. CrossFit Bel-Red prides itself on its professionalism, programming, exceptional facility and coaches.

If I’m new to CrossFit, where do I begin?

Anyone new to CrossFit begins with the Elements program. This program takes you through a progressive introduction to the foundational movements performed in CrossFit. From basic squats to technical Olympic lifts, learn the proper techniques (and common mistakes) to enhance your movement awareness, quality, consistency, and performance. Meet our coaches, learn our principles and prepare to perform. Email us at to schedule your Elements program.


If you have completed an introductory course from another CrossFit gym and were an active member for 3+ months, you may test out of the Elements program with a Green Light session. During this 45 minute session, you’ll need to perform a movement assessment and pass a CrossFit Bel-Red benchmark for quality to officially be welcomed to your new home.

Should my goal be to perform all movements at a prescribed resistance?

Your first goal should be to emphasize movement quality and consistency. Those who move well and do so with great consistency have tremendous potential for progress. Those who emphasize resistance first and neglect building a strong foundation will soon plateau and increase their risk of injury. Sure, those who hit the weights hard right away may see strength gains before those who don’t, but those who emphasize technique and consistency will quickly surpass the die hard resistance-focused athlete, have a greater resistance to injury and a well-rounded arsenal of ability.

What types of exercises/movements will I be doing?

CrossFit training involves body weight/gymnastics-based training, Olympic and power lifting, and various forms of cardiovascular training. However, you do only what’s appropriate for you. All workouts are scaled to an appropriate complexity and intensity for your demonstrated ability.

What does WOD mean?

"Workout of the Day"

I’m afraid of getting injured. How can I best avoid this?

Our CrossFit coaching staff is here to ensure that you’re moving at your best, and using load that’s appropriate for your ability level. Anything that’s performed slightly improperly, but frequently, or highly improperly can result in an injury. Our job is to put you in the best possible position to create positive returns on your investment.

How often should I CrossFit?

How often you CrossFit depends on your prior CrossFit experience, conditioning level, movement quality, movement consistency, workout intensity, goals, schedule, and a number of additional factors. We have athletes who train once a week, 2-3 times a week, and 5 times a week. Recovery is a necessary component of your overall wellness and should be relative to the intensity of your training.

What does a typical CrossFit Bel-Red class look like?

Every day a dynamic warm-up will be posted that best prepares athletes for the demands to come. We encourage each athlete to arrive early to class, check-in, and begin performing the dynamic warm-up. The class will then begin with a group warm-up. Depending on the format of the programming, the group then moves into their strength/skill component, followed by the WOD. The volume of each program section will vary pending the desired outcome of the WOD.

Do I have to be in shape before I begin CrossFitting?

CrossFit accepts all fitness abilities. You don’t have to be “fit” before you begin, however, we do require the following:

  1. Be coachable. You’re here for a reason and so are we. We want to help.
  2. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Progress is not made from keeping yourself comfortable. Progress is made and results are found outside your comfort zone.
  3. Support your fellow classmate. The fitness journey requires support. You’ll need it and others will need it from you.

How long will it take before I begin seeing results?

Results vary and depend on the quality, intensity and consistency of your training, as well as your nutrition, stress management and sleep.

What is Wodify?

Wodify is a software system developed by athletes for athletes. It allows you to view, reserve and sign into classes, track your performance and nutrition, and connect with other athletes from your desktop, tablet, or Smartphone. Athletes can check to see how they rank against others and how they may be progressing over time.

Is CrossFit the only type of training I should be doing?

There are no absolutes when it comes to which style of training is best. The workout that’s best for you is one you’re committed to, enjoy, and find helpful for your lifestyle. For some, CrossFit provides this type of training. Others may want to complement their workouts with yoga, Pilates, endurance, strength or mobility training.