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Active kids are happy kids. At PRO Club, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep your children fit and motivated. Our classes offer kids aged 5 and older, a great way to meet new friends, try something new, or just have fun.



Bi-monthly Enrollment, Ages 5 and Older
Learn various offensive and defensive striking, kicking, and blocking techniques, conditioning exercises, and practical applications and strategy for real self-defense situations for all ability levels. Instructor Brent Hartwig is a 6th-degree black belt in Goju Ryu karate with 50 years of training, and over 41 years of teaching experience. Members only.


Monthly Enrollment, Ages 6-12
KIDyoga introduces yoga poses in the shapes of animals and other familiar objects. Each class is an adventure, complete with visualization and sounds to keep kids focused while they play. This practice will entertain and engage children while helping them unwind and relax.


Monthly Enrollment, Ages 10 and Older
Take quickness, power and strength for your squash game to the next level with carefully programmed resistance and speed training. Members only.


Summer, Ages 5-10
Develop a strong self-image and positive attitude by learning safety, awareness and specialty karate skills. Be prepared to have fun while expanding your understanding of karate beyond the techniques and drills of regular class. No previous experience required. Instructor Brent Hartwig is a 6th degree black belt with the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Federation.



Juniors, ages 8-16, are required to attend a 30-minute session prior to using the fitness facilities. Just by attending, junior members will receive basic equipment use and guidelines. The purpose is to help these members feel safe and confident using the exercise equipment and to learn their way around the Fitness Center. Sign up at any concierge desk for this half-hour session and come dressed and ready to exercise.


It is important to remember that children are not miniature adults. Specific knowledge of the different anatomical, physiological, and emotional requirements of today's youth is fundamental in addressing the specific needs of young adults and kids. Our trainers can help to develop a winning attitude, make them better athletes, improve their confidence, and/or help them to train for specific sports or team tryouts. The gift of fitness is one of the most important gifts you can give your children to establish healthy habits.


PRO Club on Willows Road has the unique ability to create customized, core performance programs for young athletes, Junior High and High School teams, to enhance specific areas of performance, strengthen areas of weakness, and/or reduce injury potential. Each program requires a one month/eight workout commitment and an enrollment minimum of seven participants. Enrollment based programs ensure an appropriate progression of its participants.


Specifically designed to help kids learn new skills, stay engaged and improve all areas of fitness. The program’s focus on progressive development of movement quality, consistency and intensity ensure kids of all ability levels can participate and have fun. That’s just the beginning. CrossFit Kids also helps build leadership skills, self-confidence, social skills, perseverance and improved cognitive function.

  • Monday – Thursday, 4:30pm – 5:15pm
  • Ages 11-17
  • Month-to-Month Unlimited: $145, $135 for each additional sibling
  • 10-pack (2-month expiration): $190
  • 5-Pack (1-month expiration): $100
  • 20% off for children who are PRO Club members.