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Reclaim your best self and discover the keys to healthy weight loss and lifelong fitness with your personalized team of experts who will coach you through every step of this highly successful diet, exercise, and beauty rejuvenation program.

About the Program

The My Best 10™ program is designed with you in mind. We offer a comprehensive and highly personalized program with six key components designed to help you achieve your best self in just 10 weeks.


Your weekly one-on-one appointments with your personal Registered Dietitian will keep you on track. You’ll learn about meal planning, recipes, meal tracking, and troubleshooting through those challenging moments. Our exclusive nutrition plan is highly successful in achieving healthy weight loss through careful nutrition so you can eat well, feel good and live beautifully.


Your personalized exercise program is designed to tone challenging areas without bulking muscle, so you look fabulous at your perfect weight and feel a renewed sense of energy for life. Each week you will work out with your Personal Trainer three times per week, plus you’ll receive a personalized workout plan designed just for you to use on your unsupervised workout days. You’ll emerge strong, vibrant and fit for life.


Learn the skill to live stress-free. With so much in your life to distract you from healthy eating and fitness habits, we’ve included three individual sessions with a licensed counselor from our Counseling Center to help you express yourself in tackling personal issues that may be keeping you from being your best. These sessions will empower you to create the healthy life you want and the ability to conquer the world like never before.


As part of your extended fitness program, our experts have created an extensive library of special videos to educate you on everything from dining out to coping with stress, family celebrations, and grocery shopping. Videos will be recommended to you based on your personal needs and experience and they are also available to you after the program for when you may need a refresher or extra guidance.


Watch 10 years disappear in just 10 weeks. During the program, you’ll meet with an expert from our Medical Spa, for your “10 Years Younger Beauty Prescription.” Included in the program are a Visia Skin Analysis (which reveals the future of your skin), and a “beauty credit” applicable to services that make a huge difference in your appearance (like injectable and laser treatments for facial rejuvenation). Then, throughout the program you’ll be pampered with luxurious spa and salon services to help you achieve that final touch.


My Best 10 offers insight into multiple gene traits to analyze gene sequences unique to nutrition, behavior, exercise and beauty. Our genetic experts will personally review your results and adapt your program to unique genetic blueprint.

  • Nutrition – Discover how genes may impact your weight loss and gain, which foods are beneficial for you, what you should potentially avoid, your likelihood to crave sweets and more.
  • Behavior – Learn how your behavior genes can influence how you think and feel, as well as your tendency toward food addiction and how your cognitive reward system responds to food.
  • Exercise – Explore how your body metabolizes fat and what kind of exercise your body responds to best. Plus, we’ll look at your genetic bases for joint strength, health and flexibility.
  • Beauty – Uncover the secret to beautiful skin, eliminate the guesswork, and avoid costly mistakes through genetic beauty. Our Skincare Genetic PROfile tests the key aspects of beauty: collagen quality, skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration and sun sensitivity. Your results help our skincare experts provide you with a complete picture of your skin health to identify a personalized plan that’s most effective for your skin’s exact needs.

Your results help our skincare experts provide you with a complete picture of your skin health to identify a personalized plan that’s most effective for your skin’s exact needs.

You’ve taken care of everyone else. Now it’s time to take care of you. Give yourself the gift of feeling younger, more beautiful and more confident than ever. This is your moment. Let us help you make it amazing with My Best 10™, exclusively by PRO Club & PRO Medical, A Center of Excellence.

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