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A safe, supervised, and active place for your kids. Your child will enjoy and benefit from education opportunities such as homework assistance, sports, games, social interaction, S.T.E.A.M. and time for making new friends.


(Ages 5-12, Kindergarten – 8th grade)

Created by Discovery Bay at PRO Club, our in-person program is available to support the remote learning needs for your student’s online school curriculum in a safe and social atmosphere. Each Discovery Bay classroom features an individual teacher and distraction-free environment to assist with the completion of remote learning assignments. Students are placed in small groups, which allow for safe distancing, but also provide social interaction with their peers.

Plus, students will receive additional academic enrichment through our STEAM program, physical activity with indoor/outdoor sports and play, and additional social interaction to keep young bodies and minds active and emotionally engaged.

At the conclusion of each week, a progress report will be given to parents to help monitor their child’s progress.


  • Fully-equipped, classroom setting with Wi-Fi
  • Supplemental STEAM enrichment program
  • Highly Qualified teachers, coaches and tutors
  • Physical Activity & Sports Program offered at PRO Club
  • Comprehensive cleanliness methods which follow the guidance from Washington State and Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • All students will spend their day in small groups while remaining together
  • Frequent breaks for hand washing and sanitizing


Full School
TIME: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
COST: $1500 M | $1700 NM (per month)

Full Day
TIME: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
COST: $1800 M | $2000 NM (per month)

$500 deposit, refundable with 30 day cancellation notice. Times may change based on the Lake Washington school district schedule.


  • A peanut-free lunch & sack
  • Personal water bottle
  • Everything needed to complete all school work: notebook, pencil, laptop/charger & textbooks
  • Wear comfortable shoes & clothes
  • Face mask


(Ages 3-5)

At Discovery Bay’s Preschool, Learning Academy, we create an environment where children feel happy, engaged, and well cared for. Our knowledgeable Early Childhood Instructors understand the delicate balance of stimulating curious, young minds in a warm and nurturing manner. We pride ourselves in the below core offerings:


Lead Preschool Instructors have obtained minimum of a four-year degree and are experienced in teaching preschool age children. They are passionate about teaching and possess the knowledge, experience, and skill set to understand and support children’s individual needs.


Our small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios allow us to provide targeted instruction to meet each child’s individual learning needs.


To support children’s learning objectives and development; our program uses various PRO Club facilities for the last hour of the day. We offer unique physical activities for the young learner using facilities such as our state-of-the-art swimming pool, soccer arena, Grass Lawn Park, Pavilion, and racquetball courts. Instructors use our CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Curriculum to teach children the importance of being active and making healthy food choices. Here at PRO we make your child’s health our priority.

Discovery Bay Learning Academy Preschool offers three sessions for enrollment. Each session has a maximum group size of 10 children. Pre-K is a three-hour class with three sessions and KPREP is a four-hour class with 2 sessions as well as a full-day option, Monday-Friday. During these sessions, children will spend two hours in the classroom engaged in learning activities that focus on literacy, math, science and healthy lifestyles. During the remaining time, children will be taken outside of the classroom to engage in variety of active play opportunities. See our DAILY SCHEDULE for more information.


(Ages 3-5)

At The Creative Arts Academy, learning experiences align with specific curriculum objectives in areas such as cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Arts-integrated teaching techniques are proven to inspire young children and improve their ability to learn critical life skills. Research shows that the use of creative arts based teaching strategies results in a significant increase in math and literacy, and has a profound impact on future learning and success.
In our program, teachers use the arts to tap into children’s innate desire for active, multisensory learning. Children ages 3-5 will excel in all areas of development when their imaginations are engaged through art, cooking, singing, dancing, storytelling, and role-playing. Children also gain an interest in creative arts and, along with it, a sense of their own ability to imagine and express themselves. See our DAILY SCHEDULE for more information.