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The Discovery Bay Learning Academy is located within the world-class PRO Club providing unmatched safe, expansive and fun spaces for children to grow and discover throughout the day.

Our extraordinary features offer peace of mind, dynamic experiences for active play, enrichment, learning, and social development.


We provide extraordinary sanitation and safety protocols which include:

  • Continuous cleaning and sterilization by instructors throughout the day
  • 24/7 air purification by airPHX® sterilizes air, surfaces, and floors
  • Electrostatic sprayers sterilize small toys.
  • Complete nightly disinfection utilizing our UV Sterilizing Robots
  • Hand sanitizer usage is encouraged with frequent hand washing breaks.
  • Air turns four to eight times per hour.
  • Anti-bacterial carpets
  • On-site security team
  • All childcare, sports, fitness, and management teams at PRO are CPR and First Aid certified.


Each of our classrooms are spacious and include play work stations, library, art areas, and plenty of sensory toys to encourage learning through play.


PRO Club’s world-class gym offers an abundant amount of activities and space for active play and developing important motor skills, social skills, and healthy habits.


Although, PRO Club does not have an outdoor playground, we do have access to nearby local parks for additional active play opportunities as weather permits. These activities are also age dependent.


With 26 courts for sports and four indoor swimming pools, we offer the opportunity to further enrich your child’s activities after the school day ends. Racquetball, squash, basketball, and swim lessons may all be arranged for an additional fee.