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Jump in! We’re here to make your experience in the water the most enjoyable. Here’s everything you need to know to participate in our Aquatic programs, but if we’ve missed your question, we’re always happy to assist.

Swim Faq's
How do I sign up for swim lessons?
Swim lesson registration may be done in person or over the phone with a valid credit card. Starting on the change-over registration date through the first day of the session, online registration is available to members with an online account with a valid credit card or charge to account. Please view the flyer at the bottom of the web page for directions on how to participate in online registration.
When do I sign up for group swim lessons?
The annual registration schedule is posted on the website and in the Aquatics Concierge office. There are also signs in the Aquatics Center that announce enrollment days. We suggest putting the enrollment dates on your calendar for the entire year, so you don’t miss them.
What are the three enrollment periods for group lessons?

Pre-Enrollment: Sign up for the same class you’re currently enrolled in. No changes to group, level, time, or instructor may be made during Pre-Enrollment.
Changeover: If currently enrolled, you may switch classes, instructors, levels and times.
Open Enrollment: All new or returning students may sign up. Member registration is available for Open Enrollment one day prior to Non-Members.

Yes. Our group lessons occur once a week and you’re more than welcome to register for multiple classes or a combination of group lessons and private lessons.
How do I qualify for change over enrollment if I’m currently taking private lessons?
Members and non-members who take three or more private lessons during the current swim session are eligible for changeover enrollment. The third class needs to be on or before the changeover enrollment date.
I couldn’t get into group lessons, now what?
Due to their popularity, we offer waitlists for group classes. You may place your child’s name on three waitlists. When an opening occurs, the Aquatics Concierge will call you to let you know that we’re holding the spot open for 24 hours. If a waitlist doesn’t open up, private lessons are also an option based on instructor availability.
Swim lessons are typically 30 minutes long, although there are options for longer private lessons (45 or 60 minutes). Group lessons for members (M) are $21/30-minute class. For a non-member child of a member (NMCM) it is $24.50/30-minute class. For non-members, it is $28/30-minute class. Private lessons range from $45-$65/30-minute, 1:1 lesson. NMCM lessons are an additional $10/participant. NM lessons are an additional $20/participant. Private lessons are also available for 2, 3 or 4 children. See our private lesson flyer, or call our Aquatics Concierge at (425) 861-6274 for specific pricing or more information.
How long is each session?
Our group lessons are eight weeks long during the school year with the exception of select no-class dates during holidays. Our summer sessions are five weeks long. Please refer to the swim lesson registration schedule to see the dates for all group lesson sessions for the year.
On the first day of lessons, your child’s swim instructor will have an A-frame sign with each instructors name/picture on it. It’s important to arrive a few minutes early for each class so your child will be ready to begin. Your child should neither be hungry nor full before swim lessons to prevent distractions or accidents in the pool. Your instructor will be evaluating your child’s abilities during the first lesson to determine what they need to work on and if they’re in the appropriate level.
Where do I meet for Pre 5 / Youth 4 / Youth 5 / PreComp / Pre-Comp+ classes?
All upper level groups meet in the Multi-Purpose Pool for lessons.
May non-members take swim lessons at PRO Club?
Yes, non-members may take private and group swimming lessons at PRO Club, Monday through Friday before 3:30 PM. (The last available lesson start time is 2:50 PM). Non-members are not able to enjoy recreational swimming unless accompanied by a member. Anyone interested in membership may contact a membership representative at
Do I need a skills assessment to sign up for group lessons?
A skills assessment is not required. However, if your child has prior swimming experience and you are unsure which group lesson would be the best placement, we’ll be happy to conduct an assessment. Please stop by the Aquatics Concierge office to inquire. No appointment is needed.
We offer two different group classes for adult beginners: Adult Intro is geared toward adults who have never been in the water or are fearful of being in the water. Adult 1 is also for beginners, but the instructor will assume that the students are comfortable in water and ready to move straight into the skills that are taught. We also offer adult private lessons for one-on-one personalized instruction. There are also adult group options for those with more experience (Adult 2 and Adult 3).
What if my child isn’t registered for the appropriate swim level?
Our lead instructors, Aquatics Concierge, and swim instructors will be observing lessons to make sure that each swimmer is in the appropriate class for their abilities. It’s quite common for a child to need a “refresher” on some of the skills from previous levels, or for a child to make vast improvements in the first few lessons and then graduate to the next level in the next session. We’ll work with you to find the best possible option for your child.
How many times will my child need to enroll in the same level?
Swimming is not a linear path and no two children develop at the same rate. There are many factors that affect development of skills including emotional, mental and physical development, comfort, practice, previous experience, natural strengths and weaknesses, and more. Within each level, there are many skills to be covered, practiced, and mastered in order to advance. Don’t be surprised if your child stays in the same level for several sessions. The goal is not necessarily to move through each level quickly, but to master the skills, gain confidence, and be adequately prepared for success in each step of the way. It is important to note that swimming is not a PASS/FAIL program. It is not unusual for a child to be in the same level for multiple sessions. Please respect your child’s qualities and do not compare them to other children and their progress.
How does my child advance to the next level in group lessons?
Your child’s instructor will fill out a report card at the end of each session indicating the appropriate level for your child for the next session. The instructor uses the skills assessment on the report card to determine your child’s readiness to advance to the next level. They look for consistency and mastery of a skill before advancing a child to ensure that the child is properly ready and successful in each level.
What happens if I miss my Baby, Youth or Adult group lesson?
Unfortunately make-up lessons are not offered for our group swim lessons. Any missed classes are not refunded. Pre-rated lessons are not available for vacations, etc. so you may want to plan accordingly.
How do I cancel private swim lessons?
Private swim lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a fee. We require canceling lessons via email at and/or using the Aquatics Text Request at (425) 406-4626. It is helpful to also email your instructor directly. Written communication is required to ensure that you receive a written confirmation of the cancelation.
PRO Club has a club-wide 24-hour cancelation policy for all services. With the large demand for private lessons, this amount of time ensures that instructors are able to fill their schedules to accommodate other members.
As parents, you’re not required to stay for your child’s lesson. Many parents use this time to work out, get coffee, or just take a break. Feel free to leave the Aquatics area, especially if your child will be distracted by your presence. Just make sure to return a few minutes before the end of your child’s lesson to pick them up on time. You’re welcome to watch your child’s lesson from the tables, chairs, or ledges, but please refrain from approaching your child during the lesson – whether it’s just to fix their goggles, reassure them, wipe their eyes, or add additional instruction. Your presence on deck may be disruptive to your child’s learning environment as your child is able to focus and learn best without any distractions.
Yes. The Baby Aquatics classes are specifically designed for parent-child swimming and interaction. The class size is limited to 10 to ensure the parent has the opportunity to work with their child while the instructor helps teach and assist each parent on how to best hold and interact with their child in the water. This class focuses on comfort and fun in the water. The Baby Aquatics classes are designed for designed for ages 6 months up to 2 years 11 months
Our beginner swim lessons are meant to facilitate independent swimming. Our goal is to build trust with the instructor and independence in the water, without having the parent as the primary comfort. Overall, the less distractions that are present, the better the learning environment will be. With a class size of 4, there’s plenty of 1:1 attention to each child in a 30-minute lesson. Our group lessons are for children ages 3 and up.
What should I do if my child is sick?
We strongly recommend that your child stay home and rest. It’s best not to attend a swim class, especially if one is contagious or too ill to participate.
What if my child gets cold during lessons?
Our teaching pool is set at 88-90 degrees F. Warm showers are the best option for warming your child after the lesson. If needed, additional layers of clothing (such as a rashguard) may provide insulation for your child. Please note that any additional clothing layers must be appropriate swim attire.
What if my child needs adaptive swim lessons?
We encourage all children to learn to swim regardless of their special needs. In fact, swimming is usually a wonderful addition to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. If your child is participating in group lessons, it’s helpful (but not required) to inform the instructor of how to best communicate or work with your child to help produce the most success. We also have several private lesson instructors who specialize in working with special needs. Please contact our Aquatics Concierge for more information, or visit to review instructor biographies.
Kelsey Booth is our swim team coordinator and oversees swim team tryouts, which are typically held in June. Kelsey may be reached by email at To learn more about Swim Team, please visit
Are goggles and swim caps required for swim lessons?
Swim caps are not required and may be worn at the member’s discretion. However, if you child has hair that covers their eyes or face when wet, wearing a swim cap helps keep their hair from becoming a distraction while swimming. We recommend bringing goggles to your lesson in case you need them. However, goggles are not required either. It is important that your child learns how to swim without goggles so they are comfortable opening their eyes underwater in the case they would fall into the pool. We want them to be able to find the side of the pool.
Infants and toddlers who are not potty trained are asked to wear swim diapers while in the pool. Swim diapers must have an elastic waistband. If needed, swim diapers are available to purchase at the PRO Shop.
What hours is the Aquatics Concierge available?

Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The Front Desk Concierge is also available to help with Aquatics questions, enrollment, and cancelation.

When are the Teaching Pool, Recreation Pool, and Multi-Purpose Pool open to practice outside my lesson times?
The Teaching Pool is open for additional practice time on Saturdays from 4:00-7:00 during Family Fun Night. The Recreation Pool is available during the hours the club is open. The pool closes 30 minutes prior to the closing time of the club. The Multi-Purpose Pool follows a pool schedule that is posted at at the beginning of each month. Any special announcements on Multi-Purpose Pool closures and reservations are also posted on the website.
What is the distance of the Teaching Pool?
Our teaching pool is 15 yards across in width.
Why is the Multi-Purpose Pool so cold?
The Multi-Purpose Pool is primarily used for long-distance lap swimming (such as Triathlon Team and Swim Team practice). In order to keep participants from getting too hot and overheated without realizing it, the pool is kept at a cooler temperature. This is similar to the cooler temperatures of the cardio rooms.
What chemicals do you use in your pools?
PRO Club invested in a state-of-the-art ultraviolet light system, in addition to a chorine-based system, to add a higher level of sanitization than chlorine alone provides. The UV light system interacts with the chlorine to make it more effective and helps ensure our pool areas don’t have that “chlorine smell” often associated with indoor swimming pools. We specifically engineered our systems to cycle through our filtration systems more times per day than the law requires to keep the water “polished.”
How do I contact my instructor?
If you have any questions, the best way to reach your instructor is through email. The Aquatics Concierge may give you the instructor’s business card/email address at any time. If you have a quick question, the instructor will try to answer your questions during the last few minutes of your class.
What if I have a question or concern about my child’s lesson?
Please feel free to ask any cast member (including managers) if you have questions or concerns about your child’s swim lesson. We want your experience to be exceptional.
My child is the only student currently registered in the class. What happens if no one else registers?
Our minimum group lesson enrollment is two students. In the event only one child is registered, the class will be canceled after the first week. Our Aquatics Concierge may look at alternative options with you.
We understand the unique bond between teacher and student. If there is space in an instructor’s class, you are more than welcome to register for it. If the class is full, all our instructors may work with your child to improve their skills and help them achieve success. Please note, not every instructor teaches every level.
What if my child cries or is afraid?
Our instructors are trained to work with even the most fearful swimmer. We have many toys, songs, and games, specially created for fearful swimmers. It may help to talk about swimming positively and/or enter the pool before the lesson to help encourage a positive experience.
What if my child does not like swimming lessons?
Swimming, like many activities, generates anxiety in some children. This anxiety may be most evident on the first day of lessons. As each week progresses, your child’s anxiety should be less and less evident. Time, familiarity, and consistency ease anxiety. You may help your child through this period by bringing them to open swim time. The opportunity to use the pool on “their terms” and build in play work great as a teaching aid. Stick with it…this is a skill for life that you are giving your child.
When will my child be “drown-proof”?
PRO Club Aquatics believes that there is no such thing as “drown-proofed.” We teach our students how to love and respect the water, and that they may never swim alone. In fact, adults should never swim alone either. Do not rely on swimming lessons, flotation devices, or other equipment to make your child water safe. These are not a substitute for direct parent supervision. As an adult, you should also make sure to learn to swim for the safety of yourself and children.
Is it OK for my child to wear “floaties” when we are not at lessons?
We do require a parent to be within arm’s reach of all non-swimming children outside of their swim lessons, as safety is of the utmost importance. If you are not in the water with your child, a kickboard or noodle do not provide guaranteed safety as they may slip away from your child. We provide coast guard approved flotation devices to use, but these also do not necessarily mean your child is “water safe.” These may create a false sense of security and don’t allow the child to learn how to float or swim unassisted. If your child falls into the pool unexpectedly, he or she will not know how to float or find the side of the pool to exit the water safely. While floatation devices are a valuable teaching tool, it is also important to have the child practice with you in the water without the flotation device to aid in their swimming skill progression.
Who is watching my child during the lesson?
Your instructor takes on responsibility for the safety and location of your child throughout the entire 30 minute lesson. Please make sure to arrive a few minutes before your lesson ends, so that your child may easily transition. While swimming in the recreation pool before or after your lessons, don’t assume someone else is watching your child. Your child is your responsibility and may not be left alone until they are a minimum of 9 years of age, and a strong swimmer.