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Aquatic Center

Beautiful, clean and spacious, the PRO Sports Club has four pools to meet our members' needs - one each for lap swimming, family swimming, teaching, and deep-water conditioning. For your comfort, each pool is temperature-controlled (81-88ºF, depending on the pool). The pools are maintained with UV state-of-the-art purifying systems that keep the water crystal clear.

Lap Pool

A 25-yard, 5 lane pool available for lap swimmers, 17 years and older. The depth ranges from 4’o’’-4’3’’ with a temperature maintained around 81º F.

Recreation Pool

This pool is a family favorite (86ºF with a 3'9" to 4'6" depth).

Deep Water Pool

Our deep-water (Multi-Purpose Pool) is 25-yards in length and home to our swim teams, aquatic fitness classes, and other programs (4' to 9', 84ºF).

Contact Aquatics

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