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Personalized Genetic Wellness Programs and Genetic Testing Services in Bellevue.

Only for you. Only from PRO.

Want to live better? Get stronger? Age more gorgeously? Now you can live better and live longer with Personalized Genetic Wellness Programs. Using breakthrough gene science, our physicians, geneticists, and health professionals can translate your unique genetic blueprint into programs 100% personalized to your body’s specific needs.

Understanding how your genes influence your body’s responses is key to reaching your health goals. PRO Medical at PRO Club is taking genetic insights to the next level. After an in-depth analysis of your unique genetic blueprint, our experts will work with you one-on-one to help you understand your personal genetic makeup, then develop an action plan based on your genetic insights and goals.

  • Want to live better?
  • Have more energy
  • Fight aging
  • Perfect your beauty regime to slow signs of aging
  • Lose weight
  • Optimize your health
  • Improve heart health
  • Achieve new levels of fitness
  • Prevent injuries
  • Fight disease

How it works

  1. Schedule your genetic testing with our lab by emailing Our phlebotomist will then assist you with a simple finger prick blood spot test.
  2. Your samples will be assigned a test number (your name remains anonymous) and sent to our lab. During this time, genetic scientists will sequence your genes and provide an advanced scientific analysis of your results.
  3. Once your results are complete, they will be sent to PRO Medical, where our physicians and medical experts will review and recommend an action plan.
  4. At your follow-up appointment, your provider will review your individualized genetic report and identify your action plan based on your goals and results.


Dr. Mark Dedomenico, Owner, Founder of PRO Club | PRO Medical

Dr. Mark Dedomenico has always been on a constant quest for health and longevity. From heart surgery to creating the world’s most successful weight loss program, 20/20 LifeStyles to hormone balancing for optimal aging and now genetic science. A pioneer in medical science, Dr. Dedomenico has always been at the forefront of personalized medicine for optimal health and longevity. At 80 years young, he’s a role model for healthy living and age management.

In his process of bringing genetic science to PRO Medical, he created a Scientific Advisory Board, made up of the most brilliant minds, each with distinct backgrounds and expertise. With this team of experts, PRO Medical has created the most effective genetically guided health programs available anywhere in the country.

At PRO, our Physicians, Registered Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Licensed Psychologists, Aestheticians, and PRO Medical Spa providers have undergone extensive training in genetic wellness. Visit us today to utilize our genetic testing services in Bellevue, Washington.