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Age management is not a one-size-fits all treatment. Proper hormone balancing is a complex system and requires comprehensive testing so that hormones and nutrition supplementation may be delivered correctly. It’s not guesswork. It’s science. Without proper testing, you put your health at risk.

With a total body approach, we test in more than 15 health categories including bone density, hormone and nutrition profiles, and biomarkers for disease, enzyme levels, body chemistry, genetics, stress and more. Our comprehensive assessment reviews every aspect of your health and lets us know exactly where you are in the aging process. This allows our medical team to make lasting corrections to put you at the lowest possible risk for age-related diseases and personalize your age management plan.

Tests included in your assessment:

  • CIRCUMFERENCE MEASUREMENTS: Serves as a reference point as you begin or continue your exercise routine.
  • RESTING METABOLIC RATE: The most precise assessment of your caloric needs. Knowing your metabolic rate will allow you to develop a customized nutrition plan to meet your health, fitness, and weight goals.
  • BODY COMPOSITION TEST: Assesses your body fat percentage as it is related to a decreased risk of chronic disease and a subjective increase in quality of life.
  • VO2 MAX & EKG TESTING: A measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • BONE DENSITY/DEXA: Evaluates the health of your skeletal system and risk for osteoporosis.
  • COMPREHENSIVE BLOOD DRAW: Lab analysis that includes a metabolic panel including thyroid, evaluation of hormone levels (Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, DHEA, IGF-I/GH), blood count and PSA test in men.

After your test results are complete, a personalized treatment recommendation will be provided by Dr. Upton, MD, and Medical Director of the Age Management Center at PRO Medical.


Our treatment plan involves several processes including:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Lab Testing & Medical Evaluation to assess your present state of health including a comprehensive panel of blood tests, hormone measurement and full body chemistry profile.
  • Interpretive Review of lab results, medical history, and recommendations with Dr. Upton.
  • Follow-up & testing to ensure your hormone and vitamin levels are optimized.

Once you’re in our program, you’ll receive ongoing monitoring of your hormone levels and health by our physicians. In addition, our highly trained experts are available to assist you with nutrition and exercise regimens to further optimize your health.