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Looking for a yoga studio in the Bellevue area? Stop by PRO Sports Club today and deepen your body-mind connection, connect with your breath, and reduce stress as you gain a sense of being recharged and renewed through a combination of poses designed to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility. Unroll your yoga mat and unwind as you discover well-being and wholeness. Classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities.


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Perfect for beginners and advanced students who wish to deepen their practice.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Practice moving through gentle yoga postures with the breath while bringing focus to your body and mind in order to prepare for the week ahead.

Happy Hour Yoga

Happy Hour Yoga will help you develop strength, flexibility and is sure to leave you feeling energized and de-stressed for the rest of your day.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Experience a combination of movement and breath in flowing postures to build core strength and bring focus to your body and mind.

Yin Yoga

On the final Friday of each month, enjoy deeper flexibility and relaxation with a gentle yin and/or restorative practice.

Yoga Workshops

PRO Sports Club offers a wide variety of different and complementing two-hour yoga workshops, including yoga for beginners, cyclists, runners, and much more.

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