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Genetic Behavior PROfile

The science behind your habits, revealed.

Gain a deeper understanding of how other factors may influence your mood, behaviors and overall well-being. Our genetic test explores the genes that influence how you think, feel and react.

Genetic testing allows our counseling team to provide a more personalized approach to mental health based on scientific evidence and your unique genetic profile. By uncovering your genetic blueprint, we can identify actionable insights that can improve your ability to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss and more. Using a unique set of skills, your counselor will help you understand your genetic markers, explain what the results mean, and how you can use this information to guide your therapy for successful treatment and your overall well-being.

Our Genetic Behavior PROfile tests for the following:

  • Feelings – empathy to euphoria
  • Behavior – behaviors that may impact impulsive behavior
  • Tolerance to stress, anxiety and pain

Behavior PROfile: $250

Behavior PROfile included with four counseling sessions.