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Highly-skilled, energetic and supportive, our staff of personal trainers are the region’s best. The majority of personal trainers have a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in exercise science, and all are nationally certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Council on Exercise, or National Academy Sports Medicine.

Dan Stephenson

Dan Stephenson


425-869-4757 x 7716




Willows Road

Dan is an avid believer that anyone can improve their quality of living through exercise. Dan specializes in strength training for performance. He is a current state record holder in the sport of powerlifting. With a background in powerlifting, sports specific training, and injury rehabilitation, Dan utilizes strength training methods to help clients achieve their goals. His personal interests aside from weight training are tennis, hiking, and the outdoors.


Body Building, Weight Loss, Tennis, Powerlifting


20/20, ACSM, BS

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