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When school's out, the fun begins. During school breaks, teacher in-service days or power outages, we offer sports camps for girls and boys, ages 3-18. Led by our staff, many of whom are coaches and former elite athletes themselves, camps are divided by age and skill. Our camps are a great way to meet new friends and try a new sport, or improve existing skills in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

• Lunch: PRO Sports Club provides lunch for full-day campers
• Bring: All campers are required to wear athletic clothes and shoes. Shin guards are required for soccer camp. Swimwear is required for All Sport, Aquatics and PRO Leadership camps.
• Extended Camp: Ages 6-12 may extend their camp with supervised activities from 4-6 p.m. Daily fee applies and registration is required.

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Dive-On-In Junior Lifeguarding Camp (ages 9-14)

Keep your kids active as they learn valuable lifesaving skills such as lifeguarding, CPR, swimming, and first aid. Lunch is provided. Prerequisite: Must be able to comfortably swim 50 yards.

Synchronized Swim Camp (Ages 8-15)

Learn the fundamental skills of synchronized swimming while enhancing your strength, endurance and flexibility. Includes tips on appearance (hair, makeup, swimsuit), plus decorate accessories for a performance suit. Prerequisite: Must be able to comfortably swim 50 yards without stopping.


Hoops Camp (ages 7-15)

Learn the fundamentals of the game in both drill stations and game situations.

Shooting Camp (grades 4-8)

Fine-tune your technique with concentrated repetition and simulated game conditions, practicing shots from game spots at game speed. The Shoot-A-Way machine and other top level training tools are used to maximize results. Prerequisite: Intermediate-Advanced player with AAU or Select experience.

Ball Handling (grades 4-8)

Strengthen your off hand, develop your passing ability and court vision, and learn the mental aspects to lead your team. Improve handling ability under double teams and learn how to create more assists and lower your team’s turnover. Prerequisite: Intermediate-Advanced player with AAU or Select experience.


All Sport Camp (ages 6-12) Our most popular camp! Enjoy a variety of sports and activities (basketball, soccer, kickball, dodgeball, floor hockey, inflatables, idance, swimming), lunch, a camp giveaway, and a camp certificate. Swimwear and a swim test are required daily for all aquatics activities.

Dance Camp (ages 6-15)

Guaranteed to get kids moving! Each day brings a new dance style which may include jazz/ballet, cheer, gymnastics, Latin, Hip Hop, and more. The week concludes with a group performance for the parents. No dance experience required. Register early. This camp fills quickly!

Junior Sport & Inflatable Camp (ages 4-6)

Learn to play a variety of sports and have fun on inflatables galore!

PRO Leadership Camp (ages 10-15)

Learn what it takes to be a leader. Shadow a coach in All Sport Camp and engage in team building, mentoring, goal setting, conflict management, and more. May also include sports. Certificate awarded upon completion.

Around the World Camp (ages 7-14)

Have fun and make new friends as you play a variety of the most popular sports around the world including, Cricket, badminton, table tennis, field hockey, soccer, golf, lacrosse, handball, croquet and more.

Racquet Sports Camp (ages 9-15)

Pick up a racquet and explore tennis, badminton and squash. Develop hand-eye coordination and agility as you learn the fundamentals of each game. Players are divided by skill level. Full-day camp includes additional activities including table tennis, wallyball, kickball and dodgeball.



Imagination Vacation (ages 3-5* YRS)

In this theme-based program, our qualified teachers engage your child in science investigations, art projects, music and movement activities.

Adventure Quest S.T.E.M. Camp (ages 3-5* and 6-9)

Technology, science equipment and hands on activities engage the young mind and make learning fun! Daily swimming and lunch included.

Coding for Kids Camp (7-10 yrs)

Transform playing on video games and apps into creative thinking with our fun coding activities that teach basic and advanced skills. Children also engage in active games and sports.

Children's Theater Camp (6-9 yrs)

Stories of all kinds fuel active and lively camps that inspire your child, while developing creativity and performance skills. Students are invited to think, speak, sing, and act imaginatively in a safe, inclusive environment.


Execute creative, tasty and appealing meals including appetizers, side dishes, entrées and desserts. On the last day, create the perfect meal using everything learned during the week with ingredients found in the mystery box. Winning team gets a prize.

Super Safe Sitter (11 - 15 YRS)

Gain the skills and confidence to become a safe sitter. Includes CPR/emergency preparedness, group interactive learning activities, role-playing, and games for a dynamic learning experience. * Attend all presentations, and pass a written and practical exam to earn a Safe Sitter completion card.


STEMfinity Robotics Camp (7-10 yrs)

Learning through robotics is experimental, exploratory, and exciting! Ignite your passion for science while developing critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge, and create enthusiasm for learning at school and beyond.


Enjoy the mystery and surprise of exploring objects and materials used in everyday life to design your own creations and learn how things work. Each daily camp offers an opportunity to investigate something new by engaging in hands-on science and discovery.
Special Note:
Some Discovery Bay camps are held in locations outside of Discovery Bay. Please check that individual camp flyer for the correct location or contact Discovery Bay for directions.

* Children must be potty trained


Soccer Camp (ages 7-15)

Benefit from expert coaching as you focus on fundamental skills, strategy, and lots of play. Camp includes lunch, a camp giveaway, and camp certificate. Flag Football Camp (ages 7-15) Enjoy the excitement of football without the physical contact. A fun way for kids to develop football skills without the risk of injury from traditional tackling. A football jersey and mouthpiece is included. Games will be played 5 on 5. Drop-off and pick up is at Indoor Soccer Arena. Pick up is in the Pavilion.


One-Week Tennis Camps (ages 4-18)

Led by our USPTA staff, this week of fun includes intensive practice on stroke mechanics, the ball machine, rules, scoring, and much more. All levels welcome. J.E.T. League (ages 10-18) The Junior Eastside Tennis League is for unranked junior players from the Eastside and Seattle areas. Matches with various local clubs are scheduled every Friday during the summer months. The PRO Sports Club's team consists of 60 players with coaching from USPTA certified pros. This is a great way to get over 100 hours of practice play. Certificate awards for each junior progress. Must have Pro's approval to enroll, contact the Tennis Department at (425) 861-6230. 

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