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At PRO Club, the health and safety of our members is of paramount importance. We take extraordinary measures, not common in most health clubs, to maximize reduction of exposure to germs, viruses, etc.

For over 30 years, you and your family’s health and safety is our top priority. Over the past two years, nearly $1 million dollars has been invested in next-level cleaning technology for all of our facilities.

Here’s how PRO Club redefines the concept of clean and sets the industry standards of cleanliness in order to be the world’s cleanest health club.


Throughout the club our patented airPHX® air purification system is constantly eliminating airborne bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, ensuring equipment and surfaces are virtually germ-free.

Studies have shown that airPHX® technology is effective against coronaviruses with the same genetic makeup as COVID-19 on various surfaces, including fitness equipment, weights, turf, rubber, wood, and tile surfaces. And because airPHX® treats the ambient air, all surfaces exposed to air are sanitized – not just surfaces within the line of sight. As a bonus, airPHX® is also effective at reducing gym odors and allergens.

How does it work? airPHX® devices feature an atmospheric cold plasma chamber that changes a small percentage of the oxygen molecules in air into a unique spectrum of highly effective Reactive Oxygen Species, including gaseous hydrogen peroxide. These ROS gas molecules occur naturally in most environments, but airPHX® produces them in a unique mixture that is continuously effective in sanitizing spaces that’s 100% organic and chemical free, in even hard to reach spaces.

We are confident in its effectiveness, and we’re not alone. airPHX® units are widely used in ICUs and other immune-sensitive spaces, consistently resulting in 95.6% to 98.2% fewer airborne germs and 92% fewer surface germs. This means bacteria, influenza, MRSA, coronaviruses, staph, norovirus, and other pathogens are virtually eliminated. Effectiveness has been shown in laboratory and real-world settings and validated by third party assessments.

PRO Club has used airPHX® units throughout our facilities since 2018. One wall mounted unit can treat up to 15,000 square feet, and when located near HVAC systems, even larger spaces can benefit. So even if you can’t see a unit, air and surfaces are being sanitized. The past few months we have reviewed each of our facilities and installed additional airPHX® units, ensuring maximum efficiency and effective coverage.

When combined with our rigorous cleaning protocols, airPHX® is an integral part of delivering PRO Club clean to continually provide safe, sanitized spaces 24/7.


PRO Club sets the standard of cleanliness with advanced technology from our exclusive Skytron® UV disinfection robot (aka “The Germinator), which we use nightly to sanitize group fitness studios, fitness spaces and childcare areas. These units are so powerful that they can completely sanitize a room in 20 minutes. Originally purchased for the PRO Medical operating suites, Dr. Dedomenico, brilliantly thought of utilizing them in the club environment with our engineering night team to take PRO Club’s cleanliness standards to the next level.

During the COVID-19 club closure, these robots were borrowed by the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center to sanitize Personal Protective Equipment for the medical providers.


An extensive three phase filtration system keeps our four pools incomparably clean, clear and healthy. First, water is passed through a sand filtration system, followed by cloth filters and finished by UV light to eliminate bacteria and viruses. No other Aquatic Center in the Pacific Northwest offers triple water filtration.

In addition, pool water chemicals and pH levels are scanned and adjusted by advanced computer technology every 10 seconds to ensure disinfectant qualities are effective. There is no current evidence that viruses, including COVID-19 spreads through the water in pools that are properly maintained. Safe physical distancing and proper hygiene habits are recommended when using the pools to assist in maintaining a healthy environment.


Our facility maintenance team is comprised of 90 individuals who work around the clock, seven days a week, to monitor the club’s cleanliness. Plus, our onsite laundry facilities provide deep sanitation of all linens and towels used in PRO Club facilities.


Most clubs hide their dirt with dark colored equipment. We custom order all of our equipment in pristine white so you can see how clean everything is, or if something needs attention. Each piece of equipment also has its own clean towel and disinfectant spray bottle.

Our dedication to you and your family’s good health matters to us, in every way. We continue to challenge the norm to optimally protect our members and staff with the healthiest facilities. If you ever find anything out of order, please let anyone of our staff members know and we’ll take immediate action.

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