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My Best 10 Experts

The My Best 10 team was assembled with the full knowledge that “the whole is only as good as its individual parts.” And, in this case, we chose only the best of the best. As you get to know these extraordinary people, you will find they share a commitment to excellence and an uncompromising dedication to fulfilling your personal goals.

Ali Sokolow

Ali graduated with a Master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, where she specialized in child and adolescent therapy. She is a cognitive behaviorist in therapeutic orientation, which means that she concentrates on dealing with thought processes and behaviors in both adults and children. Cognitive therapy consists of defining problems, understanding relevant history, and designing interventions to alter behaviors, feelings, attitudes, or thought patterns. Tasks such as recording behaviors or feelings may be requested as part of therapy. Ali’s experience includes working in emergency mental health, as well as behavioral therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She currently works with children, teens, and adults.

Arlene Chambers

In 2010, she started her own business after spending many years in the business world. Her artistic talent is only matched by her impeccable customer service. Arlene juggles a busy home life with a thriving business. She loves photographing and is passionate about, and investing in the many amazing people she meets. Arlene has been photographing 'after' portraits of the My Best 10 program since the program began.

"Seeing the progress of these women is inspiring and I love how their beauty on the inside shines through all of their hard work on the outside."

Joe Upton

Dr. Upton is the Medical Director of the Anti-Aging Center at PRO Sports Club. He has been practicing medicine for over seventeen years with nine years in Private Practice Family Medicine. Dr. Upton obtained his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1992 and subsequently completed his residency in Family Medicine through the University of Washington. He became inspired by anti-aging medicine while helping others achieve healthy lifestyles and overcome metabolic disorders through his extensive experience with preventative medicine at 20/20 LifeStyles, America’s most successful weight loss program. Embarking on his journey with renowned cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Mark Dedomenico, they began extensive research in healthy aging to develop innovative programs and services for total body health and rejuvenation.