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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a safe procedure with minimal side effects. While in our care, you will experience the very best expertise, the best equipment, and the best integrated care for optimal health.

First time patients have many questions, and some may feel a little nervous climbing inside the chamber for the first time. We have taken great care to ensure your experience is safe and relaxing. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get started? HBOT is available by consultation and prescription. You begin by filling out a new patient registration and health history form. This is followed by a consultation with our HBOT physician and an orientation with our hyperbaric staff.

How many treatments will I need? This varies depending on the condition being treated. Short-term treatments typically target temporary conditions (e.g., pre/post-surgery, migraines, post- cosmetic procedures, jet lag, etc.) and range between 1-10 treatments. Long-term treatments include chronic, degenerative, autoimmune, and age management related conditions and can range between 20-40 treatments. Some conditions, such as athletic injuries, can range between short to mid-term. The HBOT physician will determine the correct protocol and number of treatments for each patient. It’s important to adhere to the prescribed protocol for optimal results.

How long is each treatment? Typical treatments are 75 minutes, including chamber pressurization and depressurization. Please consult with our HBOT physician and staff for other options.

What does the HBOT process feel like? You’ll feel deeply relaxed as you lie back and nap, watch TV, or listen to music. During the pressurization and depressurization, you will experience similar sensations in your ears as you would when taking off in an airplane. Our hyperbaric staff will teach you proper ear-clearing techniques.

Will I feel claustrophobic? Most likely not. Our mono-place chambers are the most spacious and comfortable available with full-length acrylic tubing that offers see-through, panoramic views. Accommodations can be made if you have severe claustrophobia.

What do I wear in the chamber? We provide you with everything you will need including special hyperbaric scrubs to wear. For your safety, some restrictions apply (makeup, jewelry, electronics, lotions, etc. are not allowed). Your orientation with our hyperbaric staff will cover all pertinent measures.

Is it safe? Although any medical treatment carries a degree of risk, the medical community considers HBOT to be a very safe and effective treatment. Our staff is specifically trained in the avoidance of the most common (but still rare) side effect of middle ear barotrauma. In addition, a member of our staff is always present and accessible during treatments.