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EXPLORE Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is elegantly simple. You breathe 100 percent oxygen in an enclosed, see-through chamber pressurized according to the condition being treated for immediate and long-term results.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves lying in a highly pressurized chamber for an hour while breathing in 100% pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. Under these conditions, every cell is richly saturated with oxygen which doubles the circulating stem cells and accelerates the body’s natural healing processes, improves the efficiency of blood flow, suppresses inflammation and fights infection.

PRO Medical offers two state-of-the-art Sechrist H Model monoplace chambers, which are rated the best in the world. Plus, the spacious acrylic chamber offers the highest comfort level. These are completely unlike “soft chambers,” which have significantly lower pressurization capabilities and do not supply 100 percent oxygen.


I sought out HBOT to treat the persistent symptoms from long-haul COVID – extreme fatigue, brain fog, and an elevated heart rate. After HBOT, I noticed an immediate difference in my heart rate, my dizziness improved quickly, and my fatigue vanished. I no longer needed two naps and 10 hours of sleep just to function.


After three years of suffering from long-haul COVID, the doctors ran out of options for me, so I tried HBOT. HBOT addressed the root cause that was affecting my ability to live a normal life which was impaired oxygen delivery and systemic inflammation. It didn’t take long for my symptoms to improve, and my quality of life has returned.


I recommend HBOT to everyone, even healthy people. I noticed that I healed better/faster after workouts with my trainer, my skin improved, I slept better at night and overall felt better. I plan to do more sessions in the future, just because I know how much better I will feel. I tell everyone about hyperbaric and recommend it to everyone.


My uncle experienced a stroke and was struggling to walk, dress himself, and even speak. Dr. Dedomenico encouraged him to try HBOT. After starting HBOT, he was able to get around better and be more independent. His speech improved as he received many more treatments. He is now better able to recall words and communicate and his quality of life is much improved.


I started HBOT in the hopes of taking the edge off serious post-concussive symptoms that I was still experiencing 9 months later - severe headaches, nausea, syncope, balance issues, inability to concentrate/focus, and severe fatigue. I had even thought about quitting work because I felt I was never going to recover. Once I started HBOT, I noticed a difference after the first session. By the 5th session, I became more alert, by the 10th session, I was only experiencing slight dizziness and ONLY when I hadn’t slept well. By the time I had finished my 20th session, I was in tears because the improvement was incredible. It was the first time in over a year that I felt like myself again and the relief that I would NOT be suffering with these horrible symptoms for the rest of my life. By the time I finished my 35th session I felt like I had a new lease on life, all my severe symptoms were completely alleviated. Anything left over only popped up when I was seriously sleep deprived. I now feel like I can be a good partner to my husband, a mom to my kids again, and am able to keep working.


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