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A non-invasive stress test is used to assess how well your heart, lungs and muscles are working based on your current health and fitness. The VO2 Max test will also provide you with your workout zones such as your respiratory compensation, lactate threshold, crossover point, low intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity zones. VO2 Max Testing is used for any sport where aerobic endurance is required. Distance runners, cross country skiers, rowers, triathlon, cycling.

This test is performed by running on a treadmill while wearing a mask that will measure your maximum oxygen consumption during exercising. When your breaths are being exhaled, the mask is separating the breaths into a mixing chamber. When the breaths are released into the chamber, it will identify the volume of exhaled gas along with the concentration of oxygen. Through the use of the breathing max, the test is able to identify maximum oxygen consumption while exercising to the point of exhaustion of physical strength. Taking part in this test will help to establish aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold and maximum heart rate.

Member: $250 | Non-Member: $275

DXA SCAN | Dual-Emission X-Ray Absorptiometry

DXA is a dual X-ray system used for both body consumption testing and bone density scans. Through this X-ray, the unique element profiles of bone, fat, and lean muscle mass allow for visualization and separate analysis of each tissue type. It will measure density of spine and hip to make sure that bones are strong so that you can prevent fracturing those bones later in life A small dose of ionizing radiation is used in order to produce pictures of the inside of the body in order to measure bone loss. This form of testing is the most common way to diagnose osteoporosis.

DXA is Strongly Recommended if:

  • • Post-menopausal woman and not taking estrogen
  • • History of hip fracture or smoking
  • • Post-menopausal woman over 5'7"
  • • Man with clinical conditions of bone loss
  • • Use of medications that are known to cause bone loss
  • • Have Type 1 Diabetes, liver deisease, kidney disease, or family history of osteoporosis
  • • High bone turnover
  • • Thyroid condition
  • • Parathyroid condition
  • • Fracture after mild trauma
  • • X-ray evidence of vertebral fracture

Body Composition or Bone Density Scan

Member $125 | Non-Member $150

Body Composition and Bone Density Scan

Member $200 | Non-Member $225

Body Composition Analysis

Through SECA bioelectrical impedance, body fat percentage is able to be calculated. Electricity flows differently through fat and lean body mass. Body fat percentage is found by measuring the resistance to flow from a very small current of electricity through different parts of your body. For this test, a graph is used to determine if you are in optimal range for muscle mass and fat mass based on age and gender. SECA also measures hydration status.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Receive the most accurate and individualized caloric level to achieve success with maintaining your weight with the Breeze Tracker and a registered dietitian session. Your Resting Metabolic Rate represents the number of calories needed to maintain basic body systems at rest. Each person’s RMR is different, being that it is mostly dependent on body size and lean body mass. It can greatly differ among people of the same sex, age, and body weight. At PRO Sports you can discover your personal RMR with our specialists.

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