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Children participate in theme based literacy, math, science, and health lessons, which are reinforced through thoughtfully planned learning activities to encourage creativity, exploration, and a love of learning. True to the PRO Club tradition, we have included a direct emphasis on promoting healthy bodies and minds by teaching and encouraging physical activity and healthy food choices for young children.


Circle Time

During large group lesson time the teacher introduces new learning materials and curriculum themes, reviews and reinforces content covered in previous lessons and leads children in daily routines such as calendar time, weather and classroom job chart.

Small Group Lesson

Instructors provide activities that reinforce the development of literacy, math, and science skills. Children participate in hands-on table activities that introduce and develop skills needed to build a strong foundation in these key content areas.

Extended Literacy

The development of important literacy skills including reading, speaking, writing, and handwriting is further promoted. Instructors incorporate teaching techniques that focus on developing phonics skills. Instructors also incorporate music, reading, storytelling, dramatic play, and other fun, interactive teaching methods to accomplish these goals.

Active Play

The combination of CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Curriculum and opportunities for active play teaches children the importance of being active and making healthy food choices. To support the learning objectives of this program, children use various PRO Club facilities for the last hour of the day.


In our program, teachers use the arts to tap into children’s innate desire for active, multisensory learning. Children ages 3-5 will excel in all areas of development when their imaginations are engaged through art, cooking, singing, dancing, storytelling, and role-playing. Children also gain an interest in creative arts and, along with it, a sense of their own ability to imagine and express themselves.