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Saturday & Sunday
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  1. Saunas and steam rooms close fifteen minutes prior to Club closing time.
  2. Out of courtesy to employees, members are reminded to exit the Club by closing time. Locker rooms close simultaneously with the Club hours.


Alterations to normal operating hours are as follows:
New Year's DayClosed
Memorial Day6 am - 1 pm
July 4th7 am - Noon
Labor Day7 am - Noon
ThanksgivingClosed (day after Thanksgiving: 7 am - Noon)
Christmas Eve7 am - Noon
New Year's Eve7 am - Noon


DepartmentPhone Number
Front Desk(425) 869-4760
Physical Therapy(425) 869-4750


All club policies are subject to change. Reasonable effort will be made to provide adequate notice to members when policies or rule changes are adopted.

These policies are not intended to regulate every occurrence at PRO Sports Club. Center management reserves the right to take any action necessary to protect the Center and ensure the safety and enjoyment of Center members.


The terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement executed by the member and these club policies shall be incorporated in one another. Where inconsistent, the language of the club policies shall prevail.


Use of the PRO Sports Club Willows Road is exclusively for Bellevue PRO Sports Club members and registered guests. Supervised Club programs have priority for use of all spaces and equipment. Memberships offered for the Bellevue PRO Sports Club are as follows:

Single Memberships: Membership is for one person only.

Family Memberships: Consists of legally married couples and their unmarried children under the age of 19.

Student Memberships (Ages 19-22): Children who have been part of a family membership may continue as part of the family membership for reduced dues charge, provided they are full time students in an accredited two- or four-year college. (These dues charges are determined by Club management and are subject to change.)


Membership cards are REQUIRED to enter the Center. Check-in is expedited by the bar code on the card. There is a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. Members who have forgotten their membership card may present a driver’s license. However, recurring absence of a membership card requires the issuance of a new membership card and payment of the replacement fee. Members or guests whose photograph is not on record in the club computer system must provide photo identification. Setup of charging privileges are required for booking of Willows Road services. Members agree (for themselves and their minor children) to allow the Club to take head-shot photographs for placement in the Club check-in identification system.


  1. Cancellations are required 24 hours before the start of an activity, appointment, lesson, or class.
  2. Cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full amount of the activity, appointment, lesson, or class.
  3. No shows will be charged the full amount of the activity, appointment, lesson, or class.


  1. All Performance Training, Acess Pass Packages and Personal Training packages carry a set expiration date, sessions not used by set expiration date will be forfeited.
  2. Expiration dates are extended from date of purchase.
  3. Other than the Family Unlimited Package, Access Pass packages may not be shared by guests or family members.
  4. Non members are allowed to attend one Access Pass class per month, using the $9 Access Pass Drop in fee in addition to the $12 Club Guest Fee.


The parking lot is for members and their guests only during the time they are using the Willows Road facilities. Guests/ visitors will need to check in with the Front Desk of the Willows Road and register their vehicle so it will not be ticketed. Unauthorized parking may result in the towing of vehicles.


Children under 16 are permitted to use the facility within a personal training session, physical therapy appointment, or in a customized program. Children between the ages 6-15 may only exercise in the ESD studio, Strength Studio, or Regen Room under the supervision of a parent and within arm’s reach at all times. No child under 16 is to be unsupervised at any time. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the facility. The following rules also apply.

  1. The changing of diapers is restricted to the diaper changing stations.
  2. Same gender children 13 and under are permitted in same gender locker room with adult supervision.
  3. Opposite gender children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the locker rooms. A family restroom is available on the field turf.
  4. Children under the age of 16 must wait in the lobby prior to their training session.
  5. Please do not leave children unattended in lobby for longer than 15 minutes


A guest is subject to the same rules as a member. A sponsoring member must accompany all guests who intend to use any portion of the Center. Guests must meet all necessary criteria to take part in Willows Road programs. There is no guest fee for guests who only purchase food or beverage and do not use other portions of the Center.

Members may bring an unlimited number of different guests to the Center. However, the same guest is limited to one visit per calendar month (using a paid single day pass) if the guest is using athletic portions of the Center or locker rooms (even if sponsored by different members). Normal guest fees are posted at the Front Desk. The current posted fees are as follows:

Willows Road Rates (Extended Passes valid at all locations)

AgePass TypeLength of PassCost
12 Years and OlderHealth Club1 Day Pass$12.00
Out of Town Guest3 Day Pass$40.00
1 Week Pass$70.00
2 Week Pass$110.00

(Three Day, One- and Two-week passes are consecutive days. These extended passes are limited to a maximum of two weeks per person per calendar year.) An athletic guest using the Center a second time in the same calendar month will be charged a double guest fee and may not be permitted access.

Out of Town Guests: Guests who reside outside of King County may obtain a special guest pass good for up to two weeks of Center usage. There is a per person charge for these weekly passes. These special privileges are for occasional house guests of members. A maximum of four weeks may be purchased per calendar year for the same guest. Proof of residence is required. Non-resident guests in possession of a pass do not need to be accompanied by a member.
Junior Guest Privileges: Junior members under 16 years of age shall have a parent present if bringing a guest unless the parent has received prior approval for the guest. Junior guests are subject to the same age restrictions as members pertaining to parental supervision and use of facilities.


  1. Sport specific balls (basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc.) are not allowed in the Willows Road except for the purpose of assessment and rehabilitation with a Physical Therapist. For safety and sanitation, appropriate shoes are required to be worn in all areas of the club, with the exception of classes which specifically allow barefoot participation.
  2. Shoes with cleats (turf or track) are not allowed in the Willows Road.
  3. Spitting on any surface is grounds for immediate suspension from Center programs.
  4. Athletic shoes can mark walls and furniture. Please be careful when lounging in the Center.
  5. Willows is a program based facility, please yield to classes that are in session.
  6. The General Manager or Manager on Duty shall have the authority to remove any member or guest from the Center premises for conduct which is judged to be detrimental to the welfare of the Center. Profanity, equipment abuse, and other disruptive behavior are not appropriate.


  1. Center property shall not be removed from the Center or premises without written approval from the General Manager or President.
  2. Any cost or expense resulting from damage to Center property by a member or guest shall be charged to the responsible member.


If you find a lost item, please bring it to the Front Desk Concierge. If you lose something, stop by the Front Desk Concierge to see if it has been turned in. Because so many items are similar, we cannot positively identify them over the telephone. If identification is attached to an item, we will do our best to contact the owner.

Items are donated to charity if they are not claimed within the following time schedule:

  • Valuable items are held in safekeeping for 30 days.
  • Moderately valuable items, such as racquets and shoes, are stored for two weeks.
  • Gloves and other small items are stored for one week.

PRO Sports Club is not responsible for lost items.


Members understand and acknowledge there is risk involved in being in and around PRO Sports Club’s facilities, including, but not limited to, the risks involved in utilizing equipment or participating in any exercise or fitness activity. In consideration for being allowed to utilize PRO Sports Club’s facilities, members agree to assume the risk and full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses, or damages, that might occur to them while on the premises of PRO Sports Club or participating in any off-site PRO Sports Club program or activity; and to the maximum extent allowed by law, members agree to waive and release any and all claims, suits, or related causes of action against Professional Recreation Organization, Inc., its owners, officers, employees, or agents (collectively PRO Sports Club), for injury, loss, death, costs, or other damages to them, their heirs or assigns, or third parties for claims, suits, or related causes of action asserted against PRO Sports Club arising from their conduct while on the premises of PRO Sports Club or participating in any off-site PRO Sports Club program or activity and this waiver and release shall bind the members and their families and spouses or domestic partners, if the member is alive, as well as the estate, family, heirs, administrators, personal representatives or assigns if the member is deceased, and shall be deemed as a “Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant” not to sue PRO Sports Club. Members further agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold PRO Sports Club harmless from any liability whatsoever for future claims presented by their children for any injuries, losses or damages. If any term of this waiver and release shall be found illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with any applicable law, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected thereby.


PRO Sports Club Willows Road employs physical therapists to provide treatment for patients during scheduled physical therapy appointments. These medical professionals’ services (including response to injuries and other medical emergencies) are not included in membership fees, nor are Center medical professionals scheduled to be available for response to medical emergencies or injuries.


We will provide phone numbers or e-mail addresses of members to other members in the following circumstances:

  1. When a member is present at the Center and we can verify the identity of the member making the request, we will provide the information if we can verify that the phone number is needed for Club business or program purposes.
  2. When a telephone caller requests a member’s phone number or email, we will provide the information if the club staff can verify the identity of the caller (by voice recognition or other identification method) and also verify that the information will be used for Center business or program purposes.


  1. Soliciting for any cause other than Center related activities shall not be permitted in the common areas of the Center or on Center premises unless approved by the President.
  2. The PRO Sports Club address and/or telephone number shall not be listed on any private stationery or advertised as the business or residence of any member or guest.


Use of cell phones and electronic devices is prohibited in the locker rooms and Spa.
Use of cell phones is allowed in other club areas. It is requested that calls be brief and quiet so as not to disturb other members.


Photography on club premises is permitted only with prior permission of club management.


PRO Sports Club is a non-smoking facility.


  1. No member or guest shall reprimand any employee. Comments regarding poor service or discourtesy should be directed to Club management.
  2. No member or guest shall be permitted to send any employee out of the Club for any purpose or call an employee for any service which takes him or her away from assigned duties at the Club.


No firearms or weapons are permitted in the Club or on Club premises. Individuals who possess a Concealed Weapons Permit are also prohibited from bringing firearms or weapons onto Club premises.


Gambling or gaming is prohibited in the Club or on Club premises in conformity with the laws of the State of Washington.


It is the policy of PRO Sports Club that only approved PRO Sports Club staff or authorized contractors conduct instruction of any type on Club premises. People who work out together in the fitness centers are required to use equipment in a manner that maintains normal access to machines by other members. For example, groups of people should not gather around and monopolize use of a machine or weight stations for multiple sets of repetitions. Only PRO Sports Club employees may act as paid or unpaid instructors or coaches. While we allow members to work out together to help motivate each other, people participating in groups of two or more must all be working out. If one member is mostly charting, tracking, timing, organizing, or giving advice on other people’s workouts, that activity is not allowed.


  1. Members who desire to charge transactions to their membership account shall apply for charge privileges. A membership card must be presented to charge to a member’s account. A member is responsible for all charges made by a person in possession of his or her card. Accounts may be set up to indicate whether parents have authorized their children to charge on the account. Lost or stolen cards should immediately be reported to the accounting office.
  2. If a member’s check or EFT payment is returned 'NSF', a twenty-five dollar fee may be charged to the account.
  3. Finance charges and/or service fees may be assessed on accounts (including monthly dues) which are paid after the twenty-fifth of the month they are due.


  1. The Accounting Office shall notify delinquent members and prompt payment is required.
  2. Members whose accounts show a sixty day balance upon check-in to the Club shall be denied entrance until the sixty day balance is paid in full. Club charging privileges may also be suspended.
  3. Members whose accounts go beyond ninety days shall be subject to collection proceedings and/or cancellation of membership.


(Private memberships only.*)
Voluntary Resignation: A member who does not have a membership provided by their employer may resign from the Club by giving thirty days advance written notice to the Club and paying any dues or other charges for which the member may be liable. Notification after the fifth of a month requires full payment of the subsequent month’s dues.
*For corporate membership terms, please refer to your membership agreement or contact membership at (425) 885-5566 or
Involuntary Termination: Any membership may be terminated by the Club for non-payment of dues or other indebtedness, for violation of Club rules, or for conduct which the Club deems offensive or inappropriate. Notice of termination shall be given to such terminated member in writing. A hearing may be granted at the sole discretion of the Club. No further dues or assessments shall occur after termination by the Club, but the individual whose membership is so terminated shall remain liable for all sums due at the time of termination.


Athletic attire (with shirt) is acceptable in all areas of the PRO Sports Club. For safety and sanitation, appropriate shoes are required to be worn in all areas of the club, with the exception of classes which specifically allow barefoot participation. The following specific rules are in effect:

General Fitness Areas & Studios

  1. Athletic attire required.
  2. No street clothes (zippers and rivets damage upholstery).
  3. Athletic shoes required (no sandals).
  4. Shirts are required at all times.
  5. Remove rings to prevent possible hand injuries.

Printed Messages

PRO Sports Club strives to maintain a healthy, pleasant, non-intimidating and family-friendly environment for all members.

Therefore, PRO Sports Club restricts its members and their guests, while using a PRO Sports Club facility, from wearing any garment or displaying personal property that is inscribed, printed, or bearing patches with slogans, words, pictures, symbols or print, that may be interpreted to be profane, vulgar, supremacist, racist, sexually explicit, obscene, supportive of or oriented towards the glamorization of alcohol, tobacco or any illegal activity, derogatory towards any political party or candidate, ethnic, or religious group, or otherwise offensive in a manner that may reasonably be expected to incite hostility.

The determination as to whether a garment violates this policy is within the sole discretion of PRO Sports Club management, and PRO Sports Club staff will enforce this policy.

If a member or a member's guest fails to comply with this policy, PRO Sports Club employee(s) or management may ask that member or guest to change into clothing complying with this policy or refrain from displaying other non-compliant personal property. Any member or guest failing and/or refusing to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the premises and their club membership may be terminated.


Food and beverage may only be consumed on the second floor of the Center.


  1. Soap shower is required before entering steam or sauna.
  2. People with open sores or communicable diseases are not allowed.
  3. Food or beverages are not allowed in the steam room or sauna.
  4. Minimum usage age – 16 years old.
  5. The following rules regarding supervision of children are in effect (subject to State regulations):
    • A parent must directly supervise children under age 7.
    • These rules are subject to change according to State regulations and available supervision of youth programs. 


  1. For your safety, please arrange for training on use of all equipment from a PRO Sports Club staff member prior to use.
  2. Free Motion Courtesy: Equipment priority is given to people who are using the equipment in a circuit order. Do not jump ahead into a circuit unless there is at least one empty machine between yourself and the next user. Wipe machine after use.
  3. Hand weights are not allowed on cardiovascular equipment.
  4. No food or beverage other than water bottles are allowed in the Fitness & Free Weight Centers.
  5. Exercise equipment used in the Center is generally limited to the equipment provided by the Center. Members who wish to bring their own equipment must obtain prior approval from management.
  6. Equipment Use:
    • For heath reasons, spray and wipe all equipment after use.
    • Follow posted protocol when using equipment and weights.
    • Return free weights to rack when finished.
    • Refrain from loud outbursts and slamming weights.
    • Equipment may not be reserved.


  1. Complimentary towel service is provided at the Front Desk upon presentation of a membership card.
  2. Complimentary locker cards are available for check out at the Front Desk - collateral exchange required.


  1. Children ages 14 and over may use the men’s and women’s locker rooms without adult supervision.
  2. Contents left overnight in a day locker will be removed.
  3. Members may use their membership cards to activate lockers. PRO Sports Club is not responsible for lost cards or cards left in lockers.
  4. For sanitary reasons, use a towel when sitting on any surface: steam room, sauna, or lounge furniture.
  5. Do not leave clothing or shoes to dry in the sauna.
  6. No shaving in sauna or steam room.
  7. Newspapers or magazines may not be brought into steam room.
  8. When showering, gym bags and clothing should be placed in or on top of lockers.
  9. No hair dyeing allowed on premises.
  10. Lockers are provided for member convenience. Members agree that, for safety and security reasons, PRO Sports Club authorized personnel have the right to open and inspect lockers.
  11. Electronic Devices Prohibited in Locker Rooms: Due to the existence of cameras on most electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, use of all electronic devices is prohibited in the locker rooms. Although, some devices, such as electronic readers and music players may not have cameras, for consistency of enforcement, use of all these devices is prohibited.


All users ages 5 and up must be male (a single family locker room is available if required). Users 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult member.


All users ages 5 and up must be female (a single family locker room is available if required). Users 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult member.


Handicap and/or family restroom with shower is available on the fitness floor.


Use of Center facilities is intended for healthy people. Members and guests are advised to consult with their personal physician to determine if activities at the Center are permissible. Strenuous exercise and use of saunas or steam rooms may be especially dangerous to pregnant women.


Bona fide Service Animals that conform to state and federal guidelines are allowed in the club. Otherwise, animals are not allowed in the club.