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The Perfect Fit For You

Nutrition – Eat Well, Live Beautifully

Your weekly one-on-one appointments with your personal Registered Dietitian will keep you on track. You’ll learn about meal planning, recipes, meal tracking, and troubleshooting through those challenging moments. Our exclusive nutrition plan is highly successful in achieving healthy weight loss through careful nutrition. Plus, we’ll use your genetic blueprint to identify a 100% personalized nutrition plan to provide you with the ultimate nutritional roadmap.

Fitness – Feel Strong and Vibrant

Your personalized exercise program is designed to tone challenging areas without bulking muscle, so you look fabulous at your perfect weight. Each week you will work out with your personal trainer three times per week, plus you’ll receive a personalized workout plan designed just for you to use on your unsupervised workout days. Your exercise program will be developed from your genetic blueprint so that you’ll receive a genetically optimized fitness plan personalized to help you reach your goals faster.

As part of your extended fitness program, our experts have created a library of special videos to educate you on everything from dining out to coping with stress, family celebrations, and grocery shopping. With this comprehensive health, fitness, and beauty program, you’ll accomplish physical goals you never thought possible, and you’ll feel strong, full of life and ready to tackle the world.

Lifestyle Coaching – Invaluable Coaching

With so much in your life to distract you from healthy eating/fitness habits, we’ve included three individual sessions with our licensed counselor to help you express yourself in tackling personal issues. You’ll also receive genetic testing to help gain a deeper understanding of how other factors may influence your mood, behaviors and overall well-being. These sessions are designed to help you live a better, stronger, happier and stress free life.

Beauty – Step into our Time Machine

Watch 10 years disappear in just 10 weeks. In week one, you’ll meet with an expert from the Medical Spa, for your “10 Years Younger Beauty Prescription.” Included in the program is our genetic beauty PROfile to help you achieve optimal skin health, reduce the signs of skin aging, and achieve a lifetime of beautiful skin with personalized recommendations from our physician-led team of skin care experts. You’ll also receive a Visia Skin Analysis (which reveals the future of your skin), and a “beauty credit” applicable to services that make a huge difference in your appearance (like injectable and laser treatments for facial rejuvenation). Then, throughout the program you’ll receive a different spa or salon service focused on achieving that final touch.