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My Best 10

Reclaim your best “10” with the guidance of the best-of-the-best in personalized rejuvenation. In just ten weeks, you can be 10 pounds lighter and look 10 years younger.

The My Best 10™ program is designed with you in mind. We offer a comprehensive menu of leading-edge services. As you set your goals, we match you with your own personalized “10 Team” who will champion you through every step of this highly successful diet, exercise, and beauty rejuvenation program.

And here’s the bonus: once you’re fit, you will stay fit with our support program that helps you keep the weight off for life.

Contact My Best 10

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is a Washington State native and alumnus of University of Washington. After graduating from UW, Daniel moved to New York City where he completed his graduate medical education and residency in Dermatology. Daniel’s training also includes a year of general and trauma surgery at University of Southern California in Santa Barbara, a wound healing fellowship at University of Miami, and a clinical research fellowship at Duke University.

With experience at the country’s top-tier institutions, Daniel brings a cutting-edge approach to cosmetic dermatology as well as an enthusiasm for internal and external wellness.