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hero injection therapy


How long does it take? 
You are in and out in less than 15 minutes, and less for existing patients. The actual injection is just a few seconds.

Does it hurt?   
Most people don’t feel anything besides a slight pinch.  The shots are administered in the upper buttocks. Since this muscle is larger, most don’t feel the needle as much.  Afterwards, you may feel a burning sensation depending on the shot formulation received.  Slight bruising may also occur.   

Injections vs. Oral Supplements?
Generally, injections are absorbed 100% and immediately, whereas anything taken orally is only absorbed up to 60-70% or less and can take hours for absorption. Most supplements taken over the counter contain numerous fillers and chemicals, whereas our shots are preservative free and individually compounded without other excipients.

Payment and insurance? 
The Shot Bar is a cash pay clinic. All major credit cards are accepted. PRO Club members may also charge to their membership account. Health Savings Account cards may be used at the discretion of the patient if seen by physician at PRO Club and the injection is deemed medically necessary.

Series packages are available for a savings of 10% and Happy Hour is also available from noon - 1 p.m. Monday - Friday for a savings of $5.00 per shot.

Most vitamin shots are recommended weekly or as needed when you need that extra boost.

Do I have to be a member of PRO Sports Club to get an injection?
Everyone is welcome.  In fact, all of our medical services are available to the general public. Tell your friends!