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Know your genes. Love your skin. Age gorgeously!

Gain a deeper understanding of how other factors may influence your mood, behaviors and overall well-being. Our genetic test explores the genes that influence how you think, feel and react.

There are lots of skincare products and treatments on the market, but there’s only one you. Because your skin is unique, a cream or treatment that works well for someone else may not be the right one for you, especially in the long-term.

Uncover the secret to beautiful skin, eliminate the guesswork, and avoid costly mistakes through genetic beauty. Our Skincare Genetic PROfile tests the key aspects of beauty: collagen quality, skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration and sun sensitivity.

Your results help our skincare experts provide you with a complete picture of your skin health to identify a personalized plan that’s most effective for your skin’s exact needs. You’ll receive expert and scientifically-based recommendations to perfect your beauty routine with the most effective products and professional treatments. These recommendations will help you achieve optimal skin health and reduce symptoms of skin aging now and in the distant future.

Genetic Beauty PROfile: $250 includes personalized one-on-one interpretation

Genetic Beauty Facial with PROfile provided at no cost with a series of four or more

Genetic Beauty Facial services at The Spa or three Photo Rejuvenation services and one Illuminize Peel® in the PRO Medical Spa.

Available from The Spa and The Medical Spa at PRO.