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Unlock key nutritional genes.

Discover exactly what your body needs to thrive. Our Nutritional Genetic PROfile helps to determine which foods may be beneficial, which ones to avoid or limit, and how your genetic make-up can impact weight management. You’ll also discover insight into your metabolism, aging and more.

Guided by your genetic makeup and lifestyle history, your Registered Dietitian will develop an evidence-based nutrition plan specifically for you. Utilize this information to live a healthier lifestyle, reduce health risks or lose weight. With this ultimate nutritional roadmap, you’ll be empowered with scientific knowledge to make more confident food choices.

Our genetic nutrition tests your:

  • Appetite and hunger
  • Ability to feel full
  • Likelihood of craving sweets
  • Age-related declines in metabolism
  • Fat-processing ability
  • Vitamin/mineral status
  • Food intolerances
  • And more…

Genetic Nutrition PROfile: $250 (includes one-on-one personalized interpretation) Included at no cost with eight Registered Dietitian sessions.