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Aquatic fitness classes are suitable for non-swimmers and all levels of fitness.

Aqua Conditioning – PUNCH CARD CLASS

Get a vigorous and fun workout in both shallow and deep ends of the pool.
Rates: 1 Class: $5. 1 Punch Card (10 Classes): $40.

NEW! GlideFit CardioWave

Take your training to the next level in a fun and innovative GlideFit CardioWave class. You’ll work out on a floating paddleboard to improve your balance and stability while building functional strength through high intensity interval training, yoga, and plyometric movements. GlideFit CardioWave burns calories and improves strength, balance, and flexibility more efficiently and quickly than land-based workouts. Must be comfortable in water, but no need to be a swimmer.

H20 Cardio – FREE CLASS

Held in deep water, this class focuses on movements which challenge your balance and core strength. This wake-up workout to fun music will leave you revitalized for the weekend.

Hydro Fitness – FREE CLASS

Get your heart pumping with this energizing workout. A variety of long and short lever movements combined with buoyant, resistive equipment enhances cardio, muscular strength, and endurance.