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Comprehensive and results-driven, PRO Club personal training delivers unmatched quality and personal fitness results. Since we offer personal training in Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond, you can conveniently receive the attention you need to achieve your fitness goals without having to travel far. View our personal training services we offer below:

Genetic Fitness PROfile

Discover  your  fitness  potential

Work out more effectively and reach your full potential by unlocking your genetics. No matter what your fitness level or exercise history, your genetics can help you dial in precisely what your body needs. Eliminate guesswork, fine tune your workout routine and save time.

Genetically-personalized fitness training provides valuable insights for you and your personal trainer. Using scientific data, your trainer will develop a genetically-optimized fitness plan personalized to help you reach your goals faster and be the best you can be.

Your Fitness Genetic PROfile includes these key aspects:

  • Exercise recovery
  • Metabolism
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance
  • Joint health
  • Movement
  • Power performance/athletic potential
  • Weight loss response to exercise

Fitness Genetic PROfile: $250 (includes personalized one-on-one interpretation)

Fitness Genetic PROfile provided at no cost with either eight PRO Personal Training or Private Pilates sessions.

One-on-One Stretching

Flexibility is a critical component of any fitness program. Yet, many people omit stretching entirely from their workouts or do very little. With practitioner-assisted stretching, a trainer is able to assist and isolate muscles to produce better results. With one-on-one stretching you’ll enhance injury resistance, improve range of motion, prevent the loss of flexibility that occurs with aging and more.

Following a hard workout, recovering from an injury, after a long day at the computer, or whatever your reasons for improving flexibility, our trainers are ready to assist you.

1 Session: $45, 5 Sessions: $212.50, 10 Sessions: $400. All sales are final. Sessions expire 12 months from date of purchase. 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

Body Composition Analysis

For only $15, you can learn your estimated body composition in a matter of minutes. Bioelectrical impedance gives a good estimate of your body fat and lean muscle mass. This is useful in determining if you have a healthy balance of lean mass and fat percentage and establishing fitness goals. It is also a great benchmark for measuring fat loss and lean muscle goals while you are on a fitness program. Sign up at any Concierge Desk.

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