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Group Fitness Instructors

PRO Sports Club group fitness is second to none thanks to our highly trained, well-qualified group instructors. Our group fitness instructors are highly certified and among the best in the industry. They’re dedicated to wellness and passionate about sharing their love of exercise with others. Many of our classes are taught by highly experienced, certified personal trainers and all of our instructors continue to receive continuing education in order to remain cutting-edge. They all have different fitness backgrounds, styles, and personalities. You’re sure to find your perfect fit!

Tasha Whelan

Tasha Whelan


425-869-4757 x7428





Willows Road

Tasha strives to help people from all walks of life, no matter your age or abilities. She is passionate about her own fitness endeavors which lends to her determination and commitment to help people help themselves. Tasha believes that living healthy should be a mindset, not a chore, and will construct, and individualize a game plan that will help you discover the activity and type of movement that motivates you to be healthy, stay in shape, and improve your overall quality of life. She is upbeat, energetic, and eager to help positively change the lives of others. On her own time Tasha enjoys playing sports, trail running, hiking, dancing, rock climbing, and boxing, and is always up to try new activities that challenge her mentally and physically.

Tasha does not accept personal training packages.


Body Building, Weight Loss, Strength Classes, Hiking/Climbing, Powerlifting


20/20, ACE, BA, BS, CPR

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