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More PRO Club to Love

At PRO Sports Club, our mission is to always provide you with experiences and services that enhance your health, well-being and active lifestyle. As part of that process, we are expanding our facility with a comprehensive Medical Center and additional spaces with an expected opening in Fall of 2018.

New Additions Include:

  • Garage Elevator
  • Expanded Café and Common Spaces
  • Expanded Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms
  • New Medical Spa
  • New Orthopedic Clinic & Surgery Center
  • New Age Management Center
  • New Naturopathic Medicine Clinic

Watch us grow with our progress photos posted weekly.

2/1/2019 UPDATES

The protective film has been taken off the ACM

Café banquette seating has started to arrive

Excavation for the garage elevator pit has started

Level 2 paneling has been painted and stone base is being installed

Furniture installation is underway

Expansion joints between the new and existing building at level 2 have been installed

Yogurt machines have been installed in the café

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